Plan N - NOC Service


Monthly Recurring Service. 

Specializes in Network Management Services for Small to medium-sized businesses. We deal with keeping your network (and the services that your network provides to your employees) up and running smoothly. It includes monitoring the network to spot problems as soon as possible.  Our Technical Team pride ourselves on managing and maintaining a healthy, secure, and cost-effective Network for each of our clients. You will have access to a certified technician during hours of operation who will be able to assist you in addition to monitoring your entire network 24/7.


The "Plan N" Network Management Includes:

  • All the Plan A services
  • Managed Services (Software and Hardware)
  • 24 hr NOC service (Users, Software and Hardware)
  • Helpdesk Support (Users, Software and Hardware)
  • Project Planning
  • Training Service

We can do all this and manage all these services all with:

  • Automatic discovery of network infrastructure 
    Remotely discover, monitor and manage all local and hosted infrastructure and applications automatically.
  • Monitor cloud services and manage mobile devices
  • ​​​​​​Real-time access to information 
    We can see everything happening in your networks, receive and send you alerts, and manage issues with single-click remote remediation
  • Network Audits
    Demonstrate to you the immediate value by quickly identifying pain points and security gaps for your entire local or remote infrastructure.
  • Task automation
    Automate key processes to deliver higher quality services, save time, and free your staff to generate more revenue.
  • Customizable "Your" NOC and Help Desk Services to service your company
    We can deliver reliable 24 x 7 managed services and technical support to the standard you expect without increasing your staff or infrastructure

Our NOC and Help Desk service form a comprehensive, solution to manage the entire IT experience and respond quickly to your needs. We can also be integrated our services into your current solution. We can integrate any Defined monitoring rules for NOC managed assets, detailed workflow procedures, and automation wherever possible ensure reliability and operational best practices as well as maximum performance and cost advantages.

The Plan N Synchronize Your Resources

Experience the efficiency of 100% visibility and ticket round-tripping where Plan N operates as a seamless extension of your technical staff by fully integrating our NOC and Help Desk ticketing system with your current solution.


* Should you be in a situation where you don't know how many devices that you have or that are manageable by our NOC service, Please choose one of the Plan N products for each location and we'll discover the rest.  We will call and or email with a report of what we have discovered let you decide how to proceed. We will supply you with a small software package that will set up a free non-intrusive scan on your network for the standard Plan N subscription. If your network devices such as modems, switches, and routers have to be managed in order for us to provide the best service for you.

** It is recommended that you have at least one vital device or software that needs to be monitored.  A good rule of thumb is that, if you could not run your business without this software, service or device at all or very well, you should monitor it.

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